Have you ever looked out the window during a rainstorm thinking: “I wish there was a way I could make use of this water”? Probably not, but that is just because most of us today haven’t experienced the hardships that come with water shortages. There are however some homeowners that have chosen to create their own water collection setup. They might want to live without being reliant on outside sources for their necessities, which is true of some owners of “tiny homes”, or they simply want to have some water supply that they have full control over. There are many different ways to use collected water. If it is meant only for flushing toilets and watering crops, then a simple barrel underneath the downspout from the gutter could cut it, but some want to have a system they can use for washing, showering and maybe even drinking, and in such cases it will be necessary to give attention to the surface that the water collects from, and to have a purifying system that ensures the water is safe.

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