You are probably aware that your washer is connected to your water line through 2 hoses. While some will be very conscientious about turning the water off when not using their washer, many are not. “What does it matter?” you might say. Would you be surprised to find out that a busted washer water hose is one of the most common causes for water damage in the US? Since the water usually will be turned on full force, it can fill up a basement extremely quickly. Unfortunately, the hoses that come with a washer aren’t always very good quality, and it doesn’t improve with age. The rubber can get brittle and crack. Even if you turn off your water supply when the washer isn’t in use, this doesn’t mean that the hose can’t bust while the machine is running, and still cause major issues. To be on the safe side, you can invest in a premium hose for your washer that is steel braided and a lot less likely to experience failure.