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Welcome to CS & Associates Home Inspections LLC. My name is Chuck Seaman, Licensed and Certified Home Inspector here in Oregon, and have been for over 15 years. In that time period, I have performed thousands of home inspections for clients just like you.

My knowledge and expertise are built on real-world experience that can’t be taught in a textbook. With over 30 years as a custom home builder, I have the knowledge and experience you need for your next home inspection.
CCB # is 164760,  OCHI#  869

Why Choose CS & Associates

In addition to my extensive years of experience, we also go above and beyond the “standard” home inspection. We do so to give you the best home inspection possible.

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Thermal Imaging

We use thermal imaging on all of our home inspections at no extra charge. We do this because all of our clients deserve the benefits of an infrared inspection. With our thermal imaging cameras, we are able to find issues and safety items that can’t be seen with the human eye.

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Drone Inspections

We want you to have a thorough inspection, especially of areas such as a roof. We walk on every roof possible, but some areas and some roofs are just not accessible. When this happens we use our drones to fully inspect, and we do this at no additional charge to you.

Radon Testing Portland

Radon Testing

Keep you and your family safe with a professional radon test from CS & Associates. Radon can be found in many homes here and is a known cancer-causing agent. Remediation is relatively simple, but it needs to be discovered through testing first. 

Thorough Home Inspections

What makes a home inspection thorough? That all depends on the home inspector. Every home inspector has their own method, tools, competency, and standard of thoroughness. Here at CS & Associates though, we work to bring that to a new level.

Using every bit of my 15+ years of inspection experience, 30+ years as a custom builder, and the latest in technology, we deliver a truly thorough home inspection.

The CS & Associates Advantage

When you hire CS & Associates Home Inspections LLC, you get way more than your average home inspector. The numbers speak for themselves!

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Service Area

Serving the Portland Oregon metro area and also Central Oregon in the Bend/ Sunriver areas.

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